Networked Magazine is a collective publication exploring the transformative impact of technology as seen through the eyes of M.A. students during the months of pandemic.

Networked Magazine is the outcome of a Visual Design and Coding Fundamentals workshop held at IULM University during the months of pandemic. The workshop aimed to help students to understand the opportunities and constraints of the digital space and incorporate visual and coding skills by crafting together a website like it's 2020.

Master in Communication for International Relations
Università IULM, May 2020 Milan.

Manuel Ehrenfeld
Francesco Luzzana
Alessandra Bonanomi
  • Francesca Andreatta
  • Valentina Ardizzone
  • Fabiana Azzolino
  • Tiziano Bergo
  • Rachele Casorati
  • Francesca Catalano
  • Giulia Cogoni
  • Mersha Colucci
  • Nicolò Daniele
  • Lisa Finetti
  • Eleonora Gatti
  • Mariavittoria Genovesi
  • Kesara Gjini
  • Lorenzo Mariani
  • Luca Mazza
  • Beatrice Medved
  • Giorgia Monti
  • Giulia Pagani
  • Francesca Paradisi
  • Chiara Passalacqua
  • Carlotta Ruocco
  • Michela Russo
  • Andrea Seiti
  • Rezarta Selmani
  • Kristina Terekhova
  • Alessia Tolu
  • Simona Vellami
  • Dario Zemagna
  • A masked guy stares at computer
    • Digital Violence
    • Digital Platform

    When the net becomes a death trap

    Reports and consequences of cyberbullying

    Francesca Andreatta, Krtistina Terekhova

    A woman crying
    • Digital Platform
    • Digital Violence
    • Privacy

    Revenge Porn

    A new paradigm of digital violence

    Valentina Ardizzone, Francesca Catalano

    Augmented reality glass that display routes and car informations
    • Computer Vision
    • Automation

    Digital Superhighway

    How gamification and AR will intervene in redefining our relationship with driving

    Mersha Colucci, Tiziano bergo

    Icons of mobile dating app
    • Privacy
    • Digital Platform
    • Digital Violence

    Dating apps, swipe and move on

    The complex world of online relationships

    Rachele Casorati, Kesara Gjini

    A wall filled with CCTV that point at two people on the street
    • Politics
    • Machine Learning
    • Internet Culture

    Deep fake and post truth

    The threat of deepfake in political communication

    Giulia Cogoni, Dario Zamagna

    A stadium seen from the north sector
    • Computer Vision
    • Automation
    • Wearables

    The Goal Line Technology

    Analysis of the phenomenon that has changed the history of football matches

    Nicolò Daniele, Lorenzo Mariani

    A girl in a room made up of screens and the digital avatar of his friend
    • Digital Labor
    • Digital Platform

    The Netflix Paradigma

    How a streaming giant is revolutioning the concept of TV seriality

    Eleonora Gatti, Luca Mazza

    Messy coworking table with two people in front of each other
    • Politics
    • Digital Platform

    Inside the Filter Bubble

    Algorithmic Isolation and politics

    Beatrice Medved, Chiara Passalacqua

    A model with CV Dazzle's anti-surveillance make-up
    • Privacy
    • Surveillance
    • Computer Vision
    • Wearables

    Anti-surveillance Fashion

    Printing patterns on to clothing or textiles that computers interpret as a face: this is only one of the main methods used by avoiding controls among the society by using fashion

    Giorgia Monti, Fabiana Azzolino

    A smartphone in a dish
    • Digital Labor
    • Digital Platform

    Unstoppable Food Delivery

    The growth of home food delivery and the transformation of the catering sector

    Michela Russo, Giulia Pagani

    Mark Zucherberg crosses a conference hall in which everyone but him wear an Oculus VR HMD
    • Politics
    • Digital Platform
    • Privacy
    • Surveillance

    Facebook Political Agenda

    The scandal of Cambridge Analytica or: what happens when a company misuses personal data for political reasons

    Francesca Paradisi, Carlotta Ruocco

    Tehc Meme
    • Internet Culture
    • Politics
    • Digital Platform

    Everything is a meme if you're bold enough

    Brief anthology of memes that hide in our everyday life and viceversa

    Seiti Andrea, Lisa Finetti

    Buster Keaton trapped in an automatic door by his electric house, from The Electric House (1922)
    • Automation
    • Surveillance

    The dark side of domotics

    What happens to the data we generate ourselves using these objects on a daily basis?

    Alessia Tolu, Mariavittoria Genovesi

    Robot personal assistant
    • Machine Learning
    • Automation
    • Digital Labor

    Neural Machine Translation

    When AI meets the Translation Industry

    Simona Vellami, Rezarta Selmani